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"No matter how little money and how few possesions you own, having a dog makes you rich."

- Louis Sabin

Dear Elm St. Dog Park Users:

The Five Cities Dog Park Association needs your help to fund and maintain a major improvement to the big dog park section of the Elm Street Dog Park.

The city of Arroyo Grande, which owns the Elm Street Park we have adopted for use as a dog park, has approved the project to replace the current wood chips with a combination of artificial turf and decomposed granite. We have worked on this for the last year and discussed it publicly at several of our events.

We plan to move the existing wood chips to the edge of the big dog park, install a 30-foot wide by 180-foot long strip (5,400 square feet) of artificial turf in approximately the center of the big dog park, a five-foot wide decomposed granite walkway around the artificial turf, and a decomposed granite walkway leading from the concrete at both entry gates to the walkway around the turf.

A drawing that the RRM Design Group created for the project is available for review below, on our Facebook page, and at the information kiosks in the big and little dog parks.

Click for larger image.

Project costs will mostly be paid for from funds we have already raised with your help and participation, but that will impact our ability to cover our regular costs like mutt mitts. We also need to raise money to maintain and to eventually replace the artificial turf when it concludes its expected 12 to 15 year lifetime.

The project is scheduled to start in January 2015 and will necessitate closing the big dog park for approximately four days. We will soon announce the scheduled construction period.

When it is done, the current dog park volunteers and dog park users like yourself will be asked to help keep the existing wood chips separated from the decomposed granite and artificial turf.

But even before that, we are asking you to please show your support for this project by donating today. You may donate online at or send a check or money order payable to FCDPA/SLOPOST to P.O. Box 61, Pismo Beach, CA 93448.

You can e-mail any questions you have to or leave us a message at 805-513-PARK (7275). Please make sure that you leave us information about how to contact you with a response.

Thank you very much for helping with this improvement project, which we are undertaking in response to concerns from users about the quality and maintenance of the wood chips, the disparity between the ground covers in both parks, and the presence of materials that could be harmful

Sincerely yours,

Emma Valdivieso, President Five Cities Dog Park Association


Our (and your) dog park is experiencing enormous success in terms of the number of people and pets who use it each and every day. That's a very good thing. People love the dog park and come on a regular basis. We have been successful in raising funds to purchase supplies and recently added an information kiosk and fixed an erosion and public safety problem to make the big dog park benches safer. We are also about to launch a major improvement project, changing the ground cover in the big dog park. We need your help to continue keeping and maintaining a quality community dog park. Five Cities Dog Park Association is a volunteer organization dedicated to promoting responsible pet ownership and to building more dog parks in the Five Cities area.

We need people to become:

  • Bark Rangers or to substitute for Bark Rangers who go on vacation or become ill. Bark rangers spend about an hour opening the park in the morning by emptying garbage cans, filling up Mutt Mitt containers, and such; and
  • Members of our board of directors. Board members work on management, fund-raising, and improvement projects for the park.

Please contribute your time and your ideas to your dog park.

To volunteer or for more information, you can contact the board in the following methods:

Phone: 805-513-PARK (7275)
Mail: P.O. Box 61, Pismo Beach, CA 93448

Become a Sponsor

One of the ways to support our dog park is to sponsor a bench. There is a new bench in the small dog park that does not yet have a sponsor. You can memorialize your dog's name, advertise your business or simply have your own name inscribed on a brass plaque that will be installed on the bench. Sponsorship of a bench is a donation of $1500.

To sponsor a bench, please either e-mail, phone 805-513-PARK (7275), or write P.O. Box 61, Pismo Beach, CA 93448

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