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"No matter how little money and how few possesions you own, having a dog makes you rich."

- Louis Sabin

Come Celebrate The Dog Park's
5 Year Anniversary!

Saturday, May 31st
Time: 1PM to 4PM
Place: Elm Street Dog Park

We're hosting a Pupcake and Cupcake party in celebration of our 5 Year Anniversary! We'll be handing out Pupcakes and Cupcakes in honor of all those who have volunteered, donated, and helped in any way possible to keep our dog park up and running.

  • Information Booth
  • Swimming Pools
  • Obstacle Coarsee

There will also be a small ceremony at 2PM with a few words from our Board Members.


Our (and your) dog park is experiencing enormous success in terms of the number of people and pets who use it each and every day. That's a very good thing. People love the dog park and come on a regular basis. We have been successful in raising funds to purchase supplies and will be ordering one more bench. We're in good shape financially. This is terrific! However, we need your help to continue keeping and maintaining a quality community dog park. Five Cities Dog Park Association is a volunteer organization dedicated to promoting responsible pet ownership and to building more dog parks in the Five Cities area.

Here are our needs:

  1. A Maintenance Chair to coordinate Bark Ranger volunteers and sound an alert when supplies need to be ordered.
  2. People willing to become Bark Rangers or to substitute for Bark Rangers who go on vacation or become ill.
  3. People to serve actively on our board of directors.

Please give serious consideration to contributing your time and your ideas. You are encouraged to call President Maureen Sharon at 474-8560 or email msharon at for more information.

Become a Sponsor

One of the ways to support our dog park is to sponsor a bench. There is a new bench in the small dog park that does not yet have a sponsor. You can memorialize your dog's name, advertise your business or simply have your own name inscribed on a brass plaque that will be installed on the bench. Sponsorship of a bench is a donation of $1500. Please contact President Maureen Sharon at 474-8560 for additional information.

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